Denso is continuing its push into the heavy-duty aftermarket, with the expansion of its diesel particulate filter (DPF) line and the opening of a new warehouse to handle heavy-duty parts.

Denso Heavy Duty

Denso Heavy Duty

The company made the announcements during Heavy-Duty Aftermarket Week. The new parts distribution center is located in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. At 143,000 square feet, it’s 53,000 square feet larger than its Compton, Calif., warehouse, and is located just six miles from one of its largest customers.

Joe Mejaly, senior vice-president of Denso Products and Services Americas

Joe Mejaly, senior vice-president of Denso Products and Services Americas

“We are confident that this new warehouse, with its state-of-the-art technologies coupled with the improved processes and procedures, will lead to improved first pass fill rates,’’ said Joe Mejaly, senior vice-president of Denso Products and Services Americas.

The new warehouse will go into operation in April.

“In the next one a half to two years, you will see a real advancement in our distribution and logistics,’’ Mejaly said.

The company is also adding to its line of heavy-duty after-treatment parts through its PowerEdge diesel after-treatment program.

“We recognized the need for an all-new program as costs associated with core management rise and core fall-out increases,’’ Mejaly said. “In addition, we are employing cutting edge technology to improve both the quality and performance of our product offering.’’

The company is adding a medium-duty DPF/diesel oxidation catalyst program for coverage of Classes 2-6 vehicles.

Denso has also improved supply capability and achieved faster lead times, with turnaround in 24 to 48 hours, Mejaly said.

Denso invests $3.6 billion into research and development every year. Diesel exhaust after-treatment represents the single fastest-growing segment of the aftermarket, and Mejaly said Denso plans to become a bigger player.

“Our first year has been really strong for us in getting the message out,” he said. “This year you’re going to see quite a few major announcements in this area.

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