When you’re a transporter of Food Grade products, every efficiency you gain positively impacts the bottom line. That’s why Polar Tank continuously works to develop products that deliver quality, performance and reliability, like the new Sanitary 3-A Trailer. It’s taking the industry by storm and helping customers haul smarter than ever before.

Polar Sanitary 3-A Trailer

Polar Sanitary 3-A Trailer

Polar Sanitary 3-A Trailer

Lightest in the Industry

The Polar Tank Sanitary 3-A Trailer is the lightest in the sanitary industry—410 pounds lighter than competitive same-spec cradle trailers. That means customers can haul more payload per trip, which translates to more revenue per load. Trailers with 24-gauge jacketing deliver an additional 200-pound weight savings.

“As trucks have gotten heavier, Polar has consistently provided a distinct weight advantage and second-to-none durability,” said John “JJ” Harned, III, Vice President, Indian River Transport. “That’s why we’ve run Polar for years.”

Low Center of Gravity

Polar Sanitary 3-A Trailer - Indian River TransportReduced weight is just one part of the equation. Drivers prefer the Sanitary 3-A Trailer because of its low profile with a center of gravity that is lower than the frame/cradle. It’s nearly 4.5 inches lower than the competition, which reduces the possibility of rollover, improves handling and lowers the outlet valve for easier hose hook-up. And because the trailer is lower to the ground, it is more aerodynamic, which reduces fuel cost and provides another competitive advantage for the customer.


Durability is another crucial element. The Sanitary 3-A Trailer features an advanced, two-piece barrel design with a rigid, state-of-the-art welded barrel and subframe for superior strength. Polar Tank also uses the widest sheet material in the industry—requiring only one circumferential seam for the length of the barrel, which adds yet another level of robustness to the Sanitary 3-A Trailer.

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Hendrickson Suspension

Hendrickson International

Polar worked with global suspension leader Hendrickson to engineer exclusive stainless steel suspension brackets that eliminate paint and rust as well as reduce maintenance due to their light weight, strength and corrosion resistance. The Sanitary 3-A Trailer requires no barrel/strap tightening, which reduces maintenance and lowers cost of ownership, saving customers both time and money. Additional cost savings can be realized with the specially engineered tank that reduces repair costs in the event of an accident and includes an innovative welded ring design that makes the tank resistant to vacuum implosion.

Ryan Rockafellow, VP Sales & Marketing, Heil Trailer

Ryan Rockafellow, VP Sales & Marketing, Heil Trailer

“More and more transportation companies are relying on the Polar Tank Sanitary 3-A Trailer to make their operations more efficient and profitable,” stated Ryan Rockafellow, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, NA Tank Division. “Polar is leading the industry with a continued focus on designing trailers that are optimized for each customer’s unique hauling needs.”

Polar Tank continues to find the right mix of quality, performance and reliability that gives customers a competitive edge and increases their profit potential. From weight savings to ease of operation, optimized tanks and a lower center of gravity, the Sanitary 3-A Trailer has become the smart way to haul Food Grade products.


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