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Tri Tank Corp. has initiated a new aggressive strategy of stocking a large variety of new tank trailers, including but not limited to tri axle petroleum trailers and large barrel sanitary trailers.

Their belief is that if a customer needs something, they need it as soon as possible. In most situations, lead times on new tanks are out almost a full year, they hope to eliminate that wait time for the customer by having them “on the ground and ready to go to work”.

They are able to do this through their wide variety of brands; LBT Inc., Polar, Heil, Brenner, Trans-Tech, Jarco & Exosent. Along with this initiative they are also increasing their purchase of quality used equipment to allow great variety for their customers.

Propane Equipment Added To Portfolio

Tri-Tank has also added propane equipment to their portfolio, partnering with Jarco & Exosent. This allows them to offer propane bobtails and propane transports to their customers. Over the course of this year they are also planning to offer the testing & repair of propane equipment. This addition was a natural step for them as they currently service hundreds of customers in the northeast who offer petroleum products and propane.

Tri Tank Corp - HQ Overhead Shot

Tri Tank Corp – HQ

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Service Dept Improvements

Along with these initiatives in the sales department, the service department has also seen some great advancement. Their shop has increased to 20 full services bays, equipped to handle tank trailer testing, extensive repair, body damage and routine maintenance. The shop now employs 27 around-the-clock mechanics, 10 registered tank inspectors and four ASME qualified welders.

Tri Tank Corp. is fully committed to expansion and growth to allow them to better service their current customers and also to provide them with the opportunity to further expand their growing customer base.

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