Hendrickson Intl of Hendrickson Brunner Acquisition

Hendrickson Brunner Acquisition: A New Chapter in Commercial Vehicle Innovation.

In a significant move within the global commercial transportation industry, Hendrickson, based in Woodridge, Illinois, has announced its strategic Hendrickson Brunner acquisition. This acquisition includes Brunner International Inc. of Medina, N.Y., and Brunner Manufacturing and Sales LTD of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, marking a new era in the manufacturing of components for trailers and commercial vehicles.

Hendrickson’s Strategic Growth through Acquisition

The Synergy of Hendrickson and Brunner

Brunner International Inc

Brunner’s Expertise Merges with Hendrickson’s Legacy: Elevating Truck and Trailer Components.

Brunner, a leader in manufacturing brake shoes and s-cams, aligns seamlessly with Hendrickson’s core expertise in designing advanced suspension systems for medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. The Hendrickson Brunner acquisition represents a complementary blend of skills, significantly enhancing Hendrickson’s product range in the commercial vehicle sector. Discover more about Hendrickson’s innovations in HD suspensions and their role in the industry.

Product Integration and Brand Continuity

Brunner will maintain its brand identity, operating as a division of Hendrickson Brake and Wheel End. This strategic decision not only honors Brunner’s legacy but also ensures a smooth integration of their key product lines into Hendrickson’s expansive offerings. Learn about the latest trends in HD truck brakes technology and how they are shaping trucking.

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Employee Integration and Organizational Growth
Brunner Brakeshoes

325 Brunner Employees Join Hendrickson: A Significant Expansion in Workforce and Expertise.

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With this acquisition, Hendrickson welcomes nearly 325 Brunner employees, whose expertise will be instrumental in strengthening Hendrickson’s position in the commercial truck and trailer industry. Read about leadership strategies in manufacturing and their impact on company growth.

A Vision for the Future

“Matt Joy, President and CEO of Hendrickson, expresses enthusiasm about the acquisition, envisioning it as a platform to expand Hendrickson’s braking competencies and enhance their product portfolio for the commercial truck and trailer industry.”

Hendrickson’s Legacy and Global Impact

Over a Century of Innovation
Hendrickson - MAXX22T Air Disc Brakes

Matt Joy Envisions: Expanding Hendrickson’s Braking Competencies for Future Industry Leadership. (Hendrickson – MAXX22T Air Disc Brakes)

With a legacy spanning over 105 years, Hendrickson, a Boler company, has been a pioneering force in the global commercial transportation industry. Their expertise includes a wide range of products, such as mechanical, elastomeric, and air suspensions; axle and brake systems; tire pressure control systems; and more.

Commitment to Excellence

The Hendrickson Brunner acquisition underscores Hendrickson’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the transportation industry, reinforcing their position as a global leader in the market.


Conclusion: A New Era in Transportation Technology

Strengthening Industry Leadership

The Hendrickson Brunner acquisition marks a pivotal step in Hendrickson’s journey towards industry leadership. By integrating Brunner’s specialized components with Hendrickson’s advanced suspension systems, this move not only broadens their product range but also strengthens their ability to serve the diverse needs of the commercial vehicle market. Stay updated on emerging trucking technologies and their influence on the future of transportation.

Enhancing Global Reach and Expertise

Hendrickson E-ONE TITAN AT

Over a Century of Hendrickson Innovation: Pioneering the Global Transportation Industry. (Shown: Hendrickson E-ONE TITAN AT)

This strategic acquisition extends Hendrickson’s global footprint, allowing them to offer a more comprehensive range of solutions to their international clientele. The combined expertise of Hendrickson and Brunner positions the company to innovate further and lead in the development of next-generation commercial vehicle components.


Focused on Sustainable Growth

As Hendrickson integrates Brunner’s workforce and product lines, they remain committed to sustainable growth, ensuring that their expansion aligns with environmental and industry standards. This approach not only benefits their business but also contributes positively to the global transportation ecosystem.

A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

In conclusion, the Hendrickson Brunner acquisition is more than just a business expansion; it’s a fusion of expertise and innovation. Hendrickson’s commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach promises to bring new advancements and solutions to the commercial vehicle and trailer markets, driving the industry forward into a new era of transportation technology.


Pioneering the Future: Key Developments in the Hendrickson Brunner Acquisition

Key Developments in the Hendrickson Brunner Acquisition

The Hendrickson Brunner acquisition has brought several key developments that are pivotal in shaping the future of the commercial vehicle and trailer component industry:

  1. Strategic Acquisition: Hendrickson’s acquisition of Brunner International Inc. and Brunner Manufacturing and Sales LTD represents a strategic expansion in the commercial vehicle and trailer component market.
  2. Product Line Integration: Brunner’s expertise in brake shoes and s-cams complements Hendrickson’s existing portfolio, particularly in suspension systems for medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers.
  3. Brand Continuity: Brunner will continue to operate under its established brand as a division of Hendrickson Brake and Wheel End, ensuring brand continuity and market presence.
  4. Employee Integration: The integration of nearly 325 Brunner employees into Hendrickson signifies a significant expansion in workforce and expertise.
  5. Leadership Vision: Matt Joy, President and CEO of Hendrickson, views the acquisition as an opportunity to expand Hendrickson’s braking competencies and enhance their product portfolio.
  6. Global Market Impact: This acquisition extends Hendrickson’s global reach, positioning them as a more comprehensive solution provider in the international market.
  7. Commitment to Innovation: Hendrickson’s legacy of over 105 years and commitment to innovation are further strengthened by this acquisition, promising new advancements in transportation technology.

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