Rush-Overland Manufacturing Inc. of Odessa, Texas, is doubling its vacuum truck product line with the introduction of two new offerings, the Zeus Hydroexcavator and the Typhon Vacuum Loader. They were scheduled to come to market last month.

The Zeus and the Typhon series trucks are new product lines developed based on “decades of experience in the vacuum truck and hydro-excavation industry,’’ said Jim Poer, chief executive of Rush-Overland. “We’ve hired engineers and sales people with decades of industry expertise to expedite the development and production of these lines.’’

These trucks will join the Talos liquid vacuum truck, which was introduced in February 2017, and the Notos industrial vacuum truck, introduced in February of this year. The Talos includes the company’s patented “Load Boosting System’’ (LBS).

Rush-Overland 3 Sectors

Rush-Overland focuses on three sectors — vacuum equipment, wastewater equipment and the oil and gas industry. For the wastewater industry, the company offers equipment such as the Gen II Steam Unit, Gen II SuperLift and the UV Lateral System. The company rents steam units and water heaters.

For the oil and gas industry, the company manufactures hot oil units, high-pressure pump trucks, frac water heaters, and various tanks and trailers. Other services provided to this sector are sandblasting and coating, rental and repairs.

The company also provides inversion and steam units for the sewer rehabilitation sector. The company also offers sandblasting, coating and on-site repair services.

“Rush-Overland takes pride in providing solutions that allow our customers to save time and increase their profits on every job,” Poer said.

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The company has been a leader in developing systems designed to hasten processes and reduce expenses. An example of these systems is the patented LBS, which “allows for legally hauling up to 30 percent more payload in every state, giving owners and operators greater efficiency and profitability,’’ Poer said.

Rush-Overland Doubling Its Line of Vacuum Trucks

By sliding the vacuum tank forward and taking advantage of all axle capacities, the LBS system helps eliminate violations for overweight operation while distributing the weight toward the center of the truck, the company said.

Another innovation for these trucks is the “quick clean’’ feature, which eliminates having to clean the rear bumper, saving time and expense on each load.

Over the last year, Rush-Overland has focused most of its research and development energies on the vacuum sector – a process that led to development of the Zeus Hydroexcavator and Typhon Vacuum Loader.

Zeus Hydroexcavator

The Zeus Hydroexcavator, with an eight-inch hose, is designed to handle solids, heavy sludge, slurries and heavy liquids. Its features include:

— A 6,600 CFM positive displacement blower

— Dual Cyclones to filter the air prior to the final filter

— Washable inline final filter

— 1,000 USG of water in a front-mounted, internally coated water tank with optional vacuum loading capabilities

— Various water pumps and hose reel configurations based on customer needs

— 2,600 USG debris tank with internal baffle, full opening rear door and eight-inch by 26-foot reach and six-way hydraulic boom that operates 320 degrees. It comes with an optional wireless system to remotely control the system.

Typhon Vacuum Loader

The Typhon Vacuum Loader is designed for full vacuum. It has a 3,600 USG tank made of carbon steel, a full opening rear door with dual-side mounted hydraulic cylinders, and semi-automatic door safety brace. On top of the truck is a 20-inch manway.

The truck offers a six-way, hydraulically operated eight-inch boom extended to 19 feet, with heavy duty boom hose and band lock fittings and 320-degree rotation.

Some other features are:

— Dual 20-inch Cyclones for filtration of airflow to minimize carry-over with 20-inch drop box and three-inch drain valves

— Blower over-temperature protection system

— Pressure relief value

–3,600 USG debris tank with internal baffle, full opening rear door and eight-inch by 19-foot reach and six-way hydraulic boom that operates 320 degrees

— Available with up to 6,600 CFM positive displacement blower

— Washable in-line blower filter to protect against fine particles

— Optional secondary vacuum pump for pressure unloading or to handle smaller vacuum loading

Designed with Customer Input

The addition of the Typhon and Zeus is another example of the firm’s continuous effort to find new solutions for customers, company officials said.

“What separates the Rush series of trucks is they are truly designed with customers’ input, which means customers get trucks that fit the specific needs of their work and environment,’’ Poer said.

“Today many customers have limited options. They must choose from standardized trucks with many features that they may or may not need or want. That only adds additional weight and cost to their unit. With our extensive history in equipment manufacturing and deep commitment to customer service, we provide equipment tailored to our customers’ needs.’’

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About Rush-Overland

Founded in 1986, Rush-Overland was formerly known as Rush Sales Co. That business was established in 1986 as a small manufacturing company serving the needs of the Permian Basin oil field with hot-oil units and high-pressure pump trucks.

In 1996, the company entered the cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) industry by expanding its product offering to include specialized water heaters and steam units.

In 2001, Viper Blasting and Coating was established to provide sandblasting and tank coating services to the oil and gas industry. In 2005, Overland Tank and Trailer was purchased to further expand the company’s product offering of various tank trailers. In 2006, Western Rentals was established to provide rental equipment to the oil and gas and CIPP industries. In 2013, the businesses were consolidated and now operate as Rush-Overland Manufacturing.

Today the company has two manufacturing facilities – one at the company’s headquarters in Odessa, and another in Abilene, Texas. In Odessa, the company manufactures hot-oil trucks, frac water heaters, high-pressure pump trucks, vacuum trucks and CIPP units.

In Abilene, the company produces components for DOT/ASME vacuum trucks.

Together the plants offer more than 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Among the company’s clients are Layne, Michels Corp., Granite Construction, Pioneer Energy, Key Energy Services, Pemex, Basic Energy Services, Stewart and Stevenson, C&J Energy, and Oil India Limited.

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