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  1. Edward says:

    No offense Boyd, you obviously have zero experience driving a truck in “normal driving conditions”. How could you possibly be experienced enough to make real world decisions based on that fact. You clearly do not understand what it takes to be pushed to drive because of a law that a bunch of suits made up to justify their politics.

  2. Laurence Socci says:

    You hypocrites. You filed for and received an ELD exemption on behalf of some of YOUR members, but here you are crying that another organization is fighting for THEIR members. According to Regulations.gov, a whole 10 people commented on your request. 1750 or so people commented on SBTC’s exemption request and the vast majority of them were positive and in support of the exemption request. In fact, several members of Congress publicly stated support for SBTC’s exemption request. Your organization appears to be acting like a petty child, so afraid that another organization may be protecting its members better than you. Shame on you.

  3. Jo Lynn Tiger says:

    The EDL is causing big problems more turnovers on the road and no parking in truck stops and people sleeping on the side of the road

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