Missouri-based logistics and trucking company Mid America Logistics has opened an office in Guadalajara, Mexico — the company’s first international office. The company has also opened a sixth U.S. office, this one in Rogers, Ark.

Following the opening of the Guadalajara office, Mid America Logistics announced it had created Mid America Freight Logistics Mexico, a Mexican subsidiary fully owned by the company that will function as the primary base for cross-border business.

Mid America Freight Logistics Truck

Despite Politics Demand Strong

With operations scheduled to begin in September, Josh Cale, director of operations at Mid America Logistics, said expansion into Mexico follows strong demand for international shipping services.

Josh Cale, Director of Operations at Mid America Logistics

Josh Cale, Director of Operations at Mid America Logistics

“Our clients continue to request transportation services to and from Mexico. It has always been a subject of ambiguity for shippers, but despite the political climate, demand in the U.S.-Mexico market is strong,’’ Cale said. “International expansion has connotations of adding complexity to domestic-focused firms. However, our team spent several months surveying the market and planning a potential expansion. The business case is compelling.’’

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Mid America Freight Logistics opened its Arkansas center in August. Leading the operation is Kyle Walker, one of the company’s St. Louis-based market directors.

Mark Kummer, president of Mid America Logistics, said the location of the Arkansas center follows a large amount of deliveries and freight into that area of the country.

Mark Kummer, President of Mid America Logistics

Mark Kummer, President of Mid America Logistics

“The Northwest Arkansas economy continues to flourish. In the last year alone, our volume delivering into Arkansas has doubled and the number of Arkansas-based clients has quadrupled,” Kummer said. “As a company, we are not making qualitative-based decisions by opening in large highly competitive markets. We are making quantitative-based decisions based on growth potential and talent.’’

Mid America Logistics’ truckload shipping volume has increased 162 percent on a rolling 12-month average, with revenue forecast to exceed $140 million in this calendar year, company officials said.

Mid America Freight Logistics

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