The U.S oil-field industry is growing due to global pressures to produce more oil and petroleum products. Like in years past, the driving force for on-shore expansion will be fracking technology.

For operators of vacuum equipment, this bodes well. As fracking continues, those vacuum operators with the right tools can find strong profits in the oil patch. Those companies who have the right tools to do the job correctly will have an advantage over those companies who are not prepared for the boom.

bryan minear 340477 unsplash cutThe Weight of Water

For those gearing up to acquire the best equipment, it should be remembers that fracking means water, and water is one of the heaviest substances on earth. That fact limits the volume that a water tanker or vacuum tanker can carry. Therefore innovation is the key to overcoming the confines of water’s weight.

Tankers with aluminum tanks can carry more water then tankers with steel tanks. Aluminum allows for a 17-percent increase in payload over steel. Aluminum also minimizes chemical reactions such as rusting.

Variety and diversification are also key in separating everyday vacuum operators from industry leaders. Dry, wet or both as options for a vacuum truck means that truck is positioned properly to expand its footprint in the old and gas industry.

natural gas plant pipesNatural Gas Continues to Grow

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Natural gas production is expected to continue growing this year – due entirely to the expansion of fracking technologies. Vacuum companies able to handle this increase without having to purchase a lot of new equipment will find themselves in an enviable position.

Truck Features Important

To keep up with oil-field growth, a truck’s features are important. Vacuum and-or water trucks that are complete systems should be the first choice. Having the option to use the same cab for multiple trailers means economic savings for small and medium sized companies. Having the option to take an existing, fully owned, chassis and having a customized vacuum unit and tank built onto it would also save money for small and medium sized businesses.

Options to look for include:

  • Ability to handle both wet and dry product.
  • Custom tool boxes
  • Choice for pumping systems, air-cooled versus water-cooled.
  • Oil-field bumpers
  • Customizable features that match your business needs.

Every Company is Different

JJ 130 bbl Vacuum Trucks

Some aspects of doing business are identical, but what propels one business over the other is the ability to capitalize on opportunities that are not the status quo.

A company that can specify its needs and then purchase trucks built to meet those needs is prepared for long-term growth. This will require a manufacturer with expertise within the oil-field industry. Quality trucks are designed to last longer and make the vacuum job easier. A tool is an investment, and that investment is cheapened if the quality is not there.

Cost benefits, then, should be a major consideration

The long working life of a tool adds value to the price paid for that tool. Quality trucks create a cost benefit to every oil-field business. The quality features ensure that work can be performed in a cost-efficient manner. Few things destroy a work schedule more than mechanical failure of the tool. A well-built truck works harder. Efficiency is a cost benefit because it:

  • Reduces work load through efficiency.
  • Offers a reduction in exposure.
  • Is compliant with industry standards.

Shift in Climate

Given our shifting climate, the need for water is going to grow dramatically. Being able to transport water from one point to another is going to be the deciding factor in oil-field contracts and business expansion. Especially if water will need to be moved from areas where water is not so expensive. A water tank or vacuum tank truck can help a business to grow in the following ways:

  • They offer advantages over other companies that do not have either enough vacuum equipment or the necessary vacuum expertise.
  • This equipment makes it easier to expand a vacuum business by creating new revenue streams. One way to do this is by leasing or renting unused equipment to other oil-field operators. When a vacuum operator rents his idled equipment to another company, the partner firm is helping pay the banknote for the equipment. That can create huge cost savings.

Going into 2019, America’s oil fields offer abundant opportunity. Those who will benefit the most are those companies who operate the highest-quality vacuum equipment.


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