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The greater hazard that comes from top-loading in tanker trailers creates a situation that can put driver’s in danger. B&R Repair’s patented safety railing system puts an end to that situation.

The collapsible safety railing allows a downward position when transporting and an upright position when a driver must access the top of the trailer to check for product mid-transit or for on/off loading. A simple locking lever is used to collapse or bring upright the railing. A safe 3-point contact is implemented at all times during ascension and descending of the platform.

B&R Repair Safety Railing System

B&R Repair Safety Railing System

Meets and Exceeds OSHA standards

The platform’s railing heights meets and exceeds OSHA standards and has been tested to support a weight of 600 pounds, or more.

The design of the railing can be customized from a single compartment or a multi-compartment and can be installed at any position on the trailer, including full-length. The position of the ladder can also be installed at the rear or mid-section of the platform.

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All materials used in the construction of the safety railing system are determined by application and are either aluminum or stainless steel. The safety railing system has been installed on hundreds of customer’s equipment for over a decade. The railing system meets and exceeds OSHA standards and all materials have been chosen through quality control to be the superior choice for construction.

The B&R Repair Inc. safety railing system is built with safety for all users as it’s top priority.

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