Semo Tank

Semo Tank has opened a new parts warehouse in Perryville, Mo.

New Parts Warehouse

“We have out-grown our original parts facility at that location and felt the need to expand this part of our operation,” the company said. “With this new addition, we hope to adapt to the rapidly growing parts and service side of our business. Our new warehouse will allow us to centralize the the parts department, while making it more accessible for everyone, including customers and the freight companies, to get in and out easier.”

Hose Assembly Station

Semo has added a hose assembly station to the new parts warehouse. It is a “state-of-the-art wash bay and a new specialty bay,” the company said.

“The new hose assembly station will allow us to assemble hoses for our customers in a much more timely manner, and allow us to do it right here at our location,” the company said. “Our new wash facillity, which will be used for cosmetic purposes only, will help with the overall general appearance of not only our customers units, but our own lease fleet units as well. Last but not least is our new specialty bay. We feel by adding this bay, it will help us handle the growth we are seeing in blower installations, PTO installs, and all hydraulic pump installs, whether it be for food-grade, fertilizer or dry bulk applications.

Semo Tank Shop

Semo Tank – Shop

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New In-House Blower Rebuild Facility

“Another project in the works for 2019 includes our new in-house blower rebuild facility. In this facility we will have the opportunity to rebuild and test blowers with minimal turnaround time for our ever-expanding customer base. This facilty is schedule to be up and running by mid year.”

Semo is also expanding the facility in another way, company officials said. Due to the company’s large volume of equipment, it is breaking ground on a new 10-acre parking lot next to the existing facility. Ground breaking is scheduled to start in late spring.

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