Unibloc Truck Pump with Motor and Relief

Unibloc Truck Pump with Motor and Relief

For over 35 years, Unibloc-Pump has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality food grade stainless-steel pumps for the tanker truck industries. Designed and built in the USA, Unibloc tanker pumps offer unmatched performance and reliability, making it the industries #1 choice for product transfer.

• Food Grade Sanitary Design
• Time-tested Dependability
• Easy-change front-loaded seals
• Leakproof welded-on jackets

Unibloc-PumpOur proprietary shaft seals are well suited for:
• Chocolates • Fructose
• Liquid sugar • Corn syrups
• Juice concentrates • Vinegar
• Oils • Resins
• Chemicals

Contact Unibloc-Pump — Call: 770-218-8900 or visit: www.uniblocpump.com

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