Melanie Dufresne, Director of Marketing and Communications, Tremcar

Melanie Dufresne, Director of Marketing and Communications, Tremcar Inc.

Tremcar is happy to announce the nomination of Melanie Dufresne as Director of Marketing and Communications for Tremcar Inc and all its subsidiaries: Tremcar USA, Boston Steel, Tremcar West and Tremcar Industries. The nomination was done in February.

Melanie’s beginnings with Tremcar Inc was in November of 2014. She was to assist the sales team in representing Tremcar across North America and further reinforcing the Tremcar trade names such as Boston Steel. Her accomplishments over the last 4 years has earned her the title. We hope she will pursue her hard work and stay with the company for more years to come!

About Tremcar Inc

Tremcar is the largest family owned manufacturer of tank trailer in North America. Its production output includes stainless steel farm pickup tanks trailers, stainless steel chemical tank trailers, stainless steel food grade tank trailers, aluminum dry bulk tank trailers, aluminum petroleum truck mounts, aluminum petroleum trailer, stainless steel and aluminum crude oil/ ethanol tank trailers, aluminum vacuum trailers or hot product/asphalt tank trailers among others.

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