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Line of colorful semi-trailer cabs.

5 Trucking Merger & Acquisition Takeaways

The trucking merger and acquisition arena was anything but ordinary in 2020. Within the liquid/dry bulk vertical we saw several transfers of ownership. A few notable transactions included: Kenan Advantage’s purchases of Fort Transfer, Paul’s…

KBT Enterprises Inc

Fraley and Schilling Acquires KBT

Fraley and Schilling Holdings of Rushville, Ind., has acquired KBT Enterprises Inc., a pneumatic dry bulk trucking company based in Fishers, Ind. The acquisition was finalized Dec. 31, 2020. KBT will operate as a subsidiary…

Heil Trailer, New Two-Hopper Dry Bulk Trailer

New Two-Hopper Dry Bulk Trailer

When you are hauling heavy materials like sand and cement, every bit of weight savings can significantly impact your bottom line. No one understands that better than Heil Trailer. That’s why this leading trailer brand’s…

Tank Transport