UNITI Expo, a leading European trade fair for the retail petroleum and car wash industries, and Onexpo Nacional, A. C., Mexico’s largest association of fuel retailers, have signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen ties between both entities.Onexpo Nacional, A. C.

The agreement seeks to bring the fuel industry in Mexico and Europe closer together, benefiting companies on either side of the Atlantic, officials said.


“The recent opening of Mexico’s fuel retail market provides a wide range of opportunities for international retailers and equipment suppliers,’’ the two groups said in a press release. “Also, the dynamics of the European market continuously provide business opportunities for new and foreign players.

“Part of the agreement plans to build a platform for companies from both areas of the world to explore synergies, discover new technologies and encourage future partnerships.’’

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First Steps of Cooperation

The first steps of the cooperation called for representatives of UNITI Expo to visit Onexpo 2019 Convention and Expo in June in Veracruz. A delegation of Mexican professionals will be invited to UNITI Expo 2020, taking place May 26 — 28, 2020, in Stuttgart, Germany.

Bruno Boroewitsch, co-organizer of UNITI Expo

Bruno Boroewitsch, co-organizer of UNITI Expo

“We are very happy to announce this new cooperation agreement with Onexpo,” said Bruno Boroewitsch, co-organizer of UNITI Expo. “Our industry has become truly global and this agreement will benefit suppliers and retailers in Mexico and Europe.’’

Roberto Díaz de León, president of ONEXPO

Roberto Díaz de León, president of ONEXPO

Roberto Díaz de León, president of Onexpo said, “With our participation in the most important trade fair in Europe, UNITI Expo, in May of next year, we accelerate the process of improving value propositions by Mexican fuel retail companies, who are going through a historic moment in our industry.’’

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