Until self-driving fuel-delivery fleets become a reality, human drivers will continue to have the bulk of the responsibility in ensuring that all unloading activities at the retail or commercial fueling site are conducted accurately and safely. Understandably, a human-driven process is susceptible to errors that can compromise the accuracy and safety of fuel deliveries.

Six Fuel Loading and Unloading Errors You Should Be Addressing with CivaCommand Smart Tank SystemStudies of tank-trailer usage patterns have determined that the average trailer makes 10 fuel deliveries a day, which amounts to 3,650 total deliveries per trailer in a calendar year. With the average trailer having four fuel compartments, that equates to 14,600 annual opportunities for any number of fuel loading or unloading failure modes to occur, whether by human error, equipment breakdown or system failure. Despite training, truck drivers have been found to be susceptible to six common loading or unloading risks.

  1. Unloading the incorrect product into a storage tank
  2. Loading the incorrect product into a trailer compartment
  3. Loading compartment with contaminated product from the terminal
  4. Product retained on the trailer results in mixed product
  5. Fuel retention that results in a product shortage and possible disputed delivery
  6. Fuel retention that results in an overfill condition



Drivers are an undeniably integral part of the fuel-delivery chain, but even the most conscientious and knowledgeable ones can make mistakes occasionally. To assist in removing uncertainty and error from the process, Civacon offers its new CivaCommand Smart Tank System. This tank-trailer fuel-delivery system is a highly engineered, but easy-to-use, solution that consolidates access to overfill control, on-board monitoring, pneumatic control, crossover prevention, security, electronic PGIs, troubleshooting and usage history.


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Civacon has also created a white paper on fuel-delivery error and prevention that can be used as a valuable guide. Download your free copy at civacon.com/bigsix


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