Team Logistics Wins Murphy USA Carrier Award

Murphy USA recently honored Team Logistics, a fuel delivery provider, as “2018 Carrier of the Year.’’ Murphy USA, based in El Dorado, Ark., operates a network of convenience stores.

Murphy USA’s carrier award recognizes Team Logistics for its “leadership in the carrier performance rating system. Team Logistics excelled in all evaluation criteria for compliance, safety, dependability and accuracy,’’ Team Logistics said in a press release.

Josh Henderson, President of Team Logistics

Josh Henderson, President of Team Logistics

“We are honored to receive this award in recognition of our commitment to delivering fuel solutions safely, reliably and accurately as Murphy USA expects,” said Josh Henderson, president of Team Logistics. “Aligning our shared values creates a mutually beneficial partnership and is recognized by Murphy USA through this award. We congratulate our entire team on this achievement.’’


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About Team Logitics

Team Logistics is a joint venture between Mansfield Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Mansfield Energy Corp., and Lincoln Transportation Inc., a subsidiary of Lincoln Energy Solutions. Mansfield Energy Corp is an energy and logistics provider and Lincoln Energy Solutions provides petroleum and alternative fuel delivery.

The formation of Team Logistics “creates a fuel delivery solutions provider offering safe, efficient and reliable service based on a solid foundation of market leadership and expertise,’’ the companies said in a press release.

Further information is available at

About Murphy USA

Murphy USA

Murphy USA (MUSA) is a leading retailer of gasoline and convenience merchandise with more than 1,473 stations located primarily in the Southwest, Southeast and Midwest United States. The company and its team of nearly 10,000 employees serve an estimated 1.7 million customers each day through its network of retail gasoline stations in 26 states. The majority of Murphy USA’s sites are located in close proximity to Walmart stores. The company also markets gasoline and other products at standalone stores under the Murphy Express brand. Murphy USA ranks 257 among Fortune 500 companies.

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