Daily Archive: February 24, 2020

Fleetwood Transportation Truck, Fleetwood Transportation Closes Business, Fleetwood Transportation Closure0

Fleetwood Transportation Closes

Fleetwood Transportation, a Texas-based flatbed and oil-field truckload carrier, closed its operations Jan 2. The company cited rising insurance costs as the primary reason for the closure. The carrier had 252 trucks, 673 trailers…

EPA Press Conference - Clean Truck Initiative, EPA Issues Emissions Pre-Rule0

EPA Issues Emissions ‘Pre-Rule’

An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pre-rule issued Jan. 6 is the first formal step in an attempt by the agency to establish more stringent heavy-duty diesel truck emission standards for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and…

Hazardous Labels1

Exemptions Lengthy for Hazmat Placarding

To placard, or not to placard, that is the question. While it’s a general truth that each person who offers for transportation or transports any hazardous material must comply with applicable placarding requirements, fortunately there…

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