Europe’s Electric Truck Revolution: Volvo’s Pioneering Steps in Heavy Transport

Europe's Electric Truck Revolution presenting Volvo FH Electric Class 8 cab-over tractor

“Gothenburg’s Electric Marvel”: Volvo unveils the future of heavy transport with the FH Electric Class 8 cab-over tractor.

In the bustling city of Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo Trucks has unveiled its latest marvel – the Volvo FH Electric Class 8 cab-over tractor. Designed for the future, this electric powerhouse can handle a staggering weight of 74 tons. As Europe’s transportation landscape shifts, more heavy-haul fleets are turning to electric solutions. Leading the charge is Mattsson Åkeri, a fleet that has recently added its third heavy electric Volvo FH truck to its roster. For more insights into Europe’s transportation trends, explore this page.


Why is Volvo’s Electric Truck a Game-Changer?

The Power of Electric:

The Volvo FH Electric Class 8 stands out with its ability to manage a total weight of 163,142 pounds. This innovation showcases Volvo’s commitment to sustainable heavy transport. Dive deeper into the topic of sustainability in transport, check out this page.

Testing the Waters:

Volvo FH Electric Class 8 cab-over tractor

“Testing Tomorrow, Today”: Volvo’s HCT project in Arendal, Gothenburg, pushes the boundaries with a 104-foot trailer span.

Over the past few weeks, Volvo has been rigorously testing one of these electric trucks in the port area of Arendal in Gothenburg. This “High-Capacity Transport” (HCT) project involves the truck pulling two trailers spanning an impressive 104 feet.

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”We aim to demonstrate that all-electric solutions are viable even for high total weights and utilization rates.” – Lena Larsson, the HCT project manager within Volvo’s technology organization.

Advancements in Volvo’s Electric Truck Technology

Volvo Trucks North America recently announced significant enhancements to its VNR electric tractor. The new models now offer an increased range of up to 85%, faster charging, and more configurations for heavy-duty transport. Furthermore, the second generation of the VNR Electric for the North American market boasts upgrades in battery size and range.

The first generation had a range of up to 240 km, but the enhanced version now offers up to 440 km with increased energy storage of 565kWh. This electric powerhouse, equipped with two or three electric motors and an I-Shift gearbox, delivers a massive power of up to 490 kW/666 hp, ensuring a smooth and efficient driving experience. Stay updated on the latest trends in electric trucks across various contexts, check out this link.


Mattsson Åkeri: Pioneers in Electric Heavy Transport

Volvo FH Electric Class 8 cab-over tractor

“Leading the Electric Charge”: Mattsson Åkeri adds its third heavy electric Volvo FH truck, showcasing Europe’s shift towards sustainable transport.

Mattsson Åkeri, a renowned fleet in Gothenburg, has proudly taken ownership of this new FH Electric. This isn’t their first foray into electric heavy transport; they’ve previously invested in two other heavy electric Volvo FH trucks.

Operational Insights from Mattsson Åkeri

Jan-Olof Mattsson, the CEO of Mattsson Åkeri, shared,

Electricity-driven long and heavy loads have been performing exceptionally. Our electric truck can haul as much cargo as a diesel counterpart. Operating 12 hours daily, it charges during the driver’s break, ensuring zero CO2 emissions and a quieter, more pleasant driving experience.”

Volvo’s Global Electric Ambitions

Since 2019, Volvo Trucks has sold nearly 5,000 electric trucks across 40 countries. With six electric models tailored for diverse transport needs, Volvo envisions that by 2030, half of their trucks sold globally will be electric.

Understanding the HCT Concept
Volvo FH Electric Class 8 cab-over tractor

“Beyond Innovation”: Volvo’s Electric Class 8 manages an astounding 163,142 pounds, redefining heavy transport.

HCT allows trucks to carry more weight during transit. This innovative approach promises reduced transport costs, minimized environmental impact, enhanced traffic safety, and decreased road wear. Volvo highlights ongoing HCT projects in Europe, including Finland’s initiative allowing trucks to drive with a total weight of 167,551 pounds and a 113-foot-long tractor-trailer combination.

In Conclusion:

Europe’s electric truck revolution is in full swing, with Volvo Trucks at the forefront. As fleets like Mattsson Åkeri embrace electric solutions, the future of sustainable heavy transport looks promising.


8 Key Insights from Volvo’s Electric Truck Initiative

  1. Innovation in Design: Volvo’s FH Electric Class 8 cab-over tractor is a testament to the future of heavy transport, capable of handling 74 tons.
  2. Commitment to Sustainability: The ability of the Volvo FH Electric Class 8 to manage a weight of 163,142 pounds showcases Volvo’s dedication to green transport.
  3. Rigorous Testing: Volvo’s recent tests in Arendal, Gothenburg, emphasize the truck’s capability in real-world scenarios.
  4. High-Capacity Transport (HCT): Volvo’s HCT project, involving trucks pulling long trailers, is a glimpse into the future of efficient transport.
  5. Partnerships for Progress: Collaborations with fleets like Mattsson Åkeri and organizations like the Swedish Transport Administration are driving the electric truck revolution.
  6. Operational Excellence: Mattsson Åkeri’s electric trucks operate 12 hours daily, charging during breaks, ensuring zero emissions.
  7. Global Ambitions: Since 2019, Volvo has sold nearly 5,000 electric trucks across 40 countries, aiming for 50% electric truck sales by 2030.
  8. The HCT Advantage: HCT promises numerous benefits, from reduced costs to minimized environmental impact, and Volvo is at the forefront of this concept in Europe.


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