Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership: Charting a New Course

Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership, Chair and CEO, Cummins Inc

Jennifer Rumsey’s journey showcases versatility and commitment.

Cummins, a renowned engine manufacturing leader, has ushered in a new era under the Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership. Effective August 1, Jennifer Rumsey, the dynamic President and Chief Executive Officer, was unanimously elected as the chair of the board by the directors. This significant transition was marked by the retirement of Tom Linebarger, the former executive chairman and chairman of the board.

The Jennifer Rumsey Journey: Two Decades of Dedication

Building a Legacy at Cummins

Jennifer’s journey under the banner of Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership began long before her recent appointments. She was first inducted into the Cummins board in February 2022 and swiftly rose to the roles of president and chief executive by August 2022. Her two-decade association with Cummins saw her in varied roles, showcasing her versatility and commitment.

A Vision for a Greener Tomorrow
Accelera by Cummins Truck

Our focus remains on innovative solutions that resonate with our customers and benefit the communities.

A Cummins press release highlighted the significance of the Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership, emphasizing the combined roles of board chair and chief executive. This strategic alignment is set to benefit from Rumsey’s technical acumen, deep-rooted understanding of Cummins’ ethos, and her unwavering commitment to customer success during this crucial energy transition phase.


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Tom Linebarger, the preceding chair, commented on the Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership, “Her strategic vision for Cummins, centered on solutions that cater to our customers while minimizing environmental impact, is the beacon guiding our transition to a decarbonized future.”

The Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership Ethos: Innovation Meets Sustainability

Words from the Chair
Cummins 15L Hydrogen Engine showcase at ACT Expo

Her strategic vision for Cummins centers on solutions that cater to our customers while minimizing environmental impact.

Reflecting on her role and the path ahead under the Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership, Rumsey shared, “Assuming the chair’s role is both an honor and a responsibility. Our focus remains on innovative solutions that resonate with our customers and benefit the communities. Our dedicated team is our strength, and together, we’re steering towards our top goal – Destination Zero, a strategy encapsulating a zero-emissions future, customer success, business growth, and rewarding our investors.”

Jennifer Rumsey: Beyond Cummins Leadership

A native of Columbus, Ind., Jennifer is more than her corporate avatar. She’s an active member of several engineering societies and holds degrees from Purdue University and MIT. Family-oriented, she lives in Columbus with her loved ones.


5 Pivotal Strategies of Jennifer Rumsey’s Cummins Leadership

  1. Embracing the Energy Transition: Under Jennifer Rumsey’s leadership, Cummins has been at the forefront of the energy transition, focusing on sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact while meeting customer needs. The company’s commitment to a decarbonized future is evident in its innovative product line and green initiatives.
  2. Destination Zero Strategy: One of the cornerstones of Rumsey’s leadership is the “Destination Zero” strategy. This ambitious plan aims for a zero-emissions future, ensuring that Cummins remains a leader in sustainable engine manufacturing and energy solutions.
  3. Empowering the Workforce: Rumsey believes in putting people at the center of everything. By fostering a culture of innovation, inclusivity, and continuous learning, she ensures that Cummins’ dedicated employees remain its strongest asset.
  4. Customer-Centric Solutions: Understanding and addressing customer needs has always been a priority. Under Rumsey’s leadership, Cummins continues to develop solutions that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring their success in a competitive market.
  5. Expanding Global Footprint: While Cummins already has a significant global presence, Rumsey’s leadership aims to further expand its reach, tapping into emerging markets and establishing stronger partnerships worldwide.


A Legacy of Transformation

Cummins Inc. building

Cummins, a renowned engine manufacturing leader, ushers in a new era.

Under Jennifer Rumsey’s visionary leadership, Cummins isn’t just adapting to the changing landscape of the industry; it’s spearheading the revolution. Her emphasis on research and development has led to breakthroughs in sustainable engine technologies. By fostering collaborations with global partners and investing in next-generation solutions, the Jennifer Rumsey Cummins Leadership era promises to set new benchmarks in environmental responsibility and technological innovation.

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