TANK Ai Advanced Fleet Management: Leading the Charge in Modern Fleet Solutions

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The dawn of TANK Ai: Revolutionizing fleet management with Drōv® technology.

Imagine a world where your fleet’s operational efficiency, safety, and load security are enhanced without any compromises. This isn’t a glimpse into the distant future; it’s the present. Welcome to the era of TANK Ai advanced fleet management, the intelligent tank system powered by Drōv®. Now, Engineered Transportation International (EnTrans®) proudly integrates this technology into its renowned Heil Trailer® and Polar Tank® products.

A Comprehensive Overview of TANK Ai™ Advanced Fleet Management

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Beyond a tool: TANK Ai, the game-changer in fleet management.

This system isn’t just another fleet management tool; it’s a game-changer. Acting as a sophisticated co-pilot, TANK Ai advanced fleet management offers fleet managers and drivers a panoramic view of the trailer’s systems. With state-of-the-art sensors and equipment, real-time monitoring becomes a breeze. But where does all this data go? Straight to TANK Ai’s AirBoxOne™, the heart of the system. Here, fleets can tap into valuable insights to boost the safety, productivity, and uptime of their trailers, all while slashing maintenance costs.

“At EnTrans, our mission is clear: craft advanced trailers that elevate fleet operations in terms of efficiency, safety, and security. TANK Ai stands as a testament to this commitment, offering unmatched benefits not just for fleet managers and drivers but ensuring safety for everyone on the road.” – Jake Radish, CCO, SVP Engineered Transportation


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How TANK Ai™ is Paving the Way for the Future

Tire Wear Reduction: A Testament to Efficiency
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AirBoxOne™: The nerve center of TANK Ai’s advanced system.

One standout feature of TANK Ai Advanced Fleet Management is its prowess in minimizing tire wear. With its automated tire inflation/deflation and tire pressure monitoring system, real-time tire pressure adjustments are now a reality. The results? A staggering 51.7% increase in tire life. Whenever the tire pressure deviates from the desired PSI, both the fleet manager and driver receive instant notifications. The system then autonomously corrects the pressure.

But how effective is this, really? Let’s look at the numbers. Pilot/Flying J® decided to test this technology on several of its Heil Trailer petroleum trailers. The results? A staggering 51.7% increase in tire life. Brent Hickman, Senior Manager of Equipment Maintenance and Sales at Pilot/Flying J, remarks, “This technology optimizes fuel loading, allowing us to transport more gallons per load. For our Oklahoma City trailer alone, this could mean eight additional loads annually.”

Safety First: Protecting Drivers and Commuters

Safety remains paramount with TANK Ai™. The system boasts a comprehensive suite of exterior cameras, providing drivers and fleet managers with unparalleled visibility. From eliminating blind spots with the rearview camera to aiding in parking with ultrasonic backup sensors, TANK Ai™ ensures every journey is a safe one. And when the trailer is on the move? Rear vehicle proximity and curbview cameras keep a vigilant eye on the surroundings, empowering drivers to navigate with confidence.

TANK Ai App, TANK Ai Advanced Fleet Management

TANK Ai drivers and fleet managers can monitor trailers in real-time through the dashboard. – The best of both worlds: TANK Ai, the genius co-pilot for modern trailers.

5 Transformative Ways TANK Ai Advanced Fleet Management is Revolutionizing the Industry


Scan the QR code to learn more about TANK Ai! – EnTrans’ groundbreaking innovation: Ushering an era of safety and efficiency with TANK Ai.

  • Real-time Monitoring: With state-of-the-art sensors and equipment, fleet managers and drivers get a panoramic view of the trailer’s systems, ensuring timely interventions and decisions.
  • Enhanced Tire Management: Automated tire inflation/deflation and tire pressure monitoring systems allow for real-time adjustments, significantly increasing tire life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Safety First: A comprehensive suite of exterior cameras, including rearview, ultrasonic backup sensors, rear vehicle proximity, and curbview cameras, ensures maximum safety during operations.
  • AirBoxOne™ Central Command: The heart of the system where all captured data is processed, allowing fleets to tap into valuable insights to boost safety, productivity, and uptime.
  • Cost Efficiency: With features like real-time tire adjustments and advanced monitoring, fleets can expect significant cost savings in maintenance and operations.

Conclusion: TANK Ai Advanced Fleet Management Ushers in a New Era

With TANK Ai™, EnTrans heralds a groundbreaking era of advanced features that amplify safety, efficiency, and uptime, all while minimizing costs. No longer do fleet managers have to choose between safety and productivity. TANK Ai™, the genius onboard co-pilot for Heil Trailer and Polar Tank trailers, ensures they have the best of both worlds.


Key Players and Technologies in Advanced Fleet Management

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