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Trucking Dominates Freight Market

Trucking dominates freight market in 28th edition of the Transportation Statistics Annual Report. Trucks transported 12 billion tons in 2019, or 67% of total domestic freight volume, about 10 times more than that of rail…

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Reported Record Class 8 Orders

ACT Research and FTR Transportation Intelligence reported record Class 8 orders for September, a possible sign of recovering new commercial vehicle production that has been restrained the last two years by a clogged supply chain…

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Freight Shipments Climbing

Freight shipments climbing with a sequential uptick in trucking shipments during the 2Q. Freight payments data released in late July showed a sequential uptick in trucking shipments during the second quarter, reversing the declining trend…

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Fuel Driving Out Truckers

Fuel driving out truckers as survey shows rising cost of fuel present a mountainous climb to overcome for small carriers. Many small carriers who entered the trucking industry in 2020-21 are finding today’s challenges too

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