Formerly known manufacturer “Parrish Manufacturing Group (PMG)” will solidify its brand simply as “PT” for 2019 and the future.

PT’s Global Brand Expansion

PT is proud to announce the transition as a forward-focused brand expansion.

“Overall we look forward to the positivity, for us as a company and the community, that will come out of our new branding,” Matt Parrish, third-generation president of PT, said. “Our core product line has PT on every part made by people in our great state. Our biggest change is our shifting focus to emphasize all of the services we have to offer as a company.”

“This new branding is part of a bigger effort to give our employees an understanding of who they are and how their work is important to our customers and the industry. Becoming ‘PT’ ties everyone’s hard work to the solutions that we’ve provided for nearly 70 years.”

PT, Formerly known manufacturer “Parrish Manufacturing Group (PMG)” will solidify its brand simply as “PT” for 2019 and the future.

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PT’s Origins & Focus

PT Coupling - Hose Clamps and Branding

Originally founded in 1951 as a machining job shop in Enid, by R.C. Parrish, PT has grown to a global supplier for companies seeking a high-quality product at a fair price. PT manages multiple manufacturing locations in Oklahoma and Mississippi that create products for industries including industrial, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture, mining, municipalities, utilities, and more.

“Unifying our team and providing clarity to our business partners were at the heart of this decision,” Terry Johnson, vice president of PT, said. “It’s strategically important to us that each team member know they are part of one organization working together to serve the needs of our customers. Rallying under a single banner will foster teamwork and unity. Additionally, the unifying name will simplify our relations with business partners as we consolidate under the PT banner.”

The company’s product marketing brand known as “PT Coupling Company” will now be simply “PT” and remain the face of sales and the distribution center locations across the nation and internationally. PT’s other well-known brand includes Punch-Lok®.

Manufacturing Locations

PT Coupling Aluminum Swivel Cam and Groove Hose Fitting

The most significant public change relates to PT’s manufacturing locations. Over the next few months PT will be finalizing the public image with new signage at all locations that clearly communicate the PT name and services, also consolidating PT’s online presence. The location signs will include the following:

  • PT – World Headquarters1414 E. Willow, Enid, OK (formerly known as PT Coupling Company, Central Machine & Tool and Parrish Manufacturing Group)
    • Patterns, Castings, Heat Treat, Machining
  • PT – Distribution Center3008 N. Emerson, Enid, OK
  • PT – Plastics2302 E. 11th, Enid, OK (formerly known as Specialty Plastics Company)
  • PT – Punch-Lok®3001 N. 4th, Enid, OK – (formerly known as Punch-Lok®)
  • PT – Oklahoma Investment CastingBlackwell, OK [formerly known as Oklahoma Investment Casting Company (OICC)]
  • PT – Mississippi Investment CastingColumbus, MS [formerly known as Mississippi Precision Cast Parts (MPCP)]


PT also renewed their vision, mission and core value statements with the T.H.R.I.V.E. acronym, to solidify a standard for daily practice among all employees.

PT’s volunteer program’s name will change from “Parrish Cares” to “PT T.H.R.I.V.E.” The volunteer program will utilize the new set of core values PT uses to positively impact the community. The update will be shown at their next event, Enid MS Walk, on Saturday, May 11.

Over the years PT has earned multiple Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) certifications from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). PT is also an ISO 9001 certified company for quality management with DNV GL.

To learn more about PT and how to become a member of the PT team visit www.ptcoupling.com and go to the “About Us” page.


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