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  1. Avatar for Sandra Sanders Sandra Sanders says:

    My husband and many others we know are lifetime members of OOIDA. We also are a Broker. If we do not have the support of OOIDA as a broker they will lose our support as members. We are in the transportation business and o/o that work for us are more than satisfied with our rates and also outside carriers that do our loads.

    • Avatar for Rene Quintero Rene Quintero says:

      We need to eliminate brokers all together dont need them period. Each shipper should hire a few logistics coordinators to put their loads directly on the loadboards and find carriers like brokers do. Not only will the shipper benefit by saving money but the carriers will from better paying freight. Their you go problem solved. This strategy will put the trucking industry at its best it has ever been in period. And as a bonus you get rid of Brokers who are just middle men who scrape profits off both sides . Why is this so hard for the government or industry to see. Lets come together and make this Happen !

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