When you are hauling heavy materials like sand and cement, every bit of weight savings can significantly impact your bottom line. No one understands that better than Heil Trailer. That’s why this leading trailer brand’s latest innovation is a Two-Hopper Dry Bulk trailer designed with fleet performance and efficiency in mind.

Any logistics expert knows the importance of maximizing the use of available space for each load. With standard three-hopper trailer designs, it doesn’t take long to reach maximum weight when transporting sand or cement. That means, more often than not, less than 70 percent of the volume of a typical 1,040 cubic-foot-capacity trailer is used. By delivering the same usable volume in two hoppers, without the added weight of an additional third hopper, the sub-8,000-pound Heil Trailer Two-Hopper trailer maximizes operator payload. It achieves this within a frame that is very close to the length and height of the brand’s 1040 Super Jet Three-Hopper trailer, but with a significant five-percent weight savings.

Less Weight, More Filling: New Two-Hopper Dry Bulk Trailer

Heil Trailer, New Two-Hopper Dry Bulk Trailer

Two-Hopper Dry Bulk Trailer
Weight: Less than 8,000 lbs.
Capacity: 825 cubic feet, 2-hopper
Length: 42′-6″
Height: Max height 11’8″

“The goal for any customer is to haul as much material as they can in fewer runs,” stated Peter Weis, P.E., Chief Engineer. “Heil Trailer’s Two-Hopper design will help customers do exactly that through maximized use of space and weight savings—both key to running an efficient operation.”

“We maintain a distinct focus on innovating new products, features and designs that help our customers realize greater efficiency,” stated Randy Arlt, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing at EnTrans International. “Our new Two-Hopper trailer is a perfect example of how we listen to industry needs and respond with advanced engineering and game-changing solutions.”

Like it does with all products, Heil Trailer collaborated with its customers when designing the Two-Hopper trailer. Customers wanted to keep the overall height as low as the current 1040, while still being able to meet Federal Bridge Laws with a GVWR of 80,000 lbs. The Heil Two-Hopper accomplishes both, while incorporating user-friendly enhancements such as equipping the trailer with fewer valves for the operator, which makes unloading easier, and fewer components to stock. Fewer components also mean lower maintenance costs and weight, making the trailer highly efficient. Drivers appreciate the easy valve access thanks to the trailer’s higher-than-normal frame.

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When it comes to unloading the Two-Hopper trailer, Heil Trailer centrally located the pressure gauges, eliminating the need for drivers to look back at the gauge box during the unloading process. Engineers also centrally located the point where the inlet piping and hose connect, making it easier to connect a blower from curbside or roadside.

Innovation never stops at Heil Trailer. By maintaining close connections with customers and monitoring industry needs, the company engineers products that deliver greater payload capacity, efficiency and performance—all the makings of a healthier bottom line.

The Two-Hopper Dry Bulk Trailer is available from Heil Trailer. Contact your Heil Trailer sales representative today. Visit heiltrailer.com for more information.

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