Second pay raise at Carbon Express

Carbon Express, Second pay raise at Carbon Express

Second pay raise at Carbon Express

Carbon Express, a Wharton, N.J.-based bulk chemical transporter, has raised driver pay a second time this year, company officials said in a press release. The company is also making profit-sharing distributions to drivers.

Steve Rush, president and founder of Carbon Express, said: “I started my career as a driver and have always believed in rewarding our entire team for its commitment to providing quality service and safety to our customers. Pay is only one area that in which we are showing our commitment and gratitude to our employees.’’


Carbon Express Truck

Second pay raise at Carbon Express

Express goes “beyond just pay to keep its driving team safe and keeping the entire team up-to-date with the tools to do their job. For our drivers specifically,  we long ago implemented:

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  • Overnight Stays: When our drivers must be on the road for longer trips, we pay for them to sleep in a hotel. Rest is important.
  • Paid for every hour: Our drivers are paid for every working hour including when they are at the truck wash.
  • Paid for overtime: Our drivers are paid overtime for any hours worked over 40 each week.
  • Profit Sharing: Profit sharing distributions to our entire staff.
  • Paid Vacation: All employees earn paid vacation time.
  • State-of-the-art training: Carbon Express has just opened a state-of-the-art training center focused on driver training.’’

Carbon Express has “one of the best teams of hard working and dedicated staff in the industry,’’ Rush said. “We were voted as the company to watch in 2021 by the Truckload Carriers Association. We are committed to providing support, whether that’s through new technology, a pay increase or a company barbecue.’’

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