Heil Trailer Safety AwardCreating a safe work environment is a continuous journey. Everyone, from plant workers to plant managers to leadership and office staff, must be engaged in making safety an integral part of their day. Heil Trailer is united in the common goal of creating safe work environments and safe products at its locations around the world. Working together, the company has established a culture of safety and is promoting the importance of workplace safety throughout the industry.

36 Years of Sponsoring Safety

For 36 years, Heil Trailer has sponsored the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) Outstanding Safety Performance Award recognizing the safest bulk carriers in the industry. Companies are rated on accident frequency, safety record improvement, carrier’s driver selection and training, vehicle maintenance program, personnel safety program and record, and contributions to the cause of general highway safety. This year, the award went to G&D Trucking Inc./ Hoffman Transportation LLC and Gemini Motor Transport. Both companies have shown a deep commitment to safety within their organizations and were well-deserving of the recognition. Heil Trailer is proud to sponsor this award and give prominence to safety beyond the walls of its own facilities.

Heil Trailer, Gemini Heil Award

Heil Trailer, Gemini Heil Award

Heil Plant Earned Highest Recognition in Safety

In addition to acknowledging others for their focus on safety, Heil Trailer has earned the highest recognition from the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA). The 2018 TTMA Plant Safety Award for its Juarez Trailer Operations in Juarez, Mexico, marks Heil Trailer’s 25th consecutive win. Heil Trailer, Polar Tank Trailer and Jarco products are manufactured at the location, which opened in 2014. It spans over 350,000 square feet and is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry with the latest fabrication and manufacturing equipment on site.

“We strongly believe that every trailer we build can be manufactured safely and deliver the greatest quality and enduring performance, allowing our customers to operate their businesses safely and profitably,” stated Ryan Rockafellow, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, NA Tank Division. “To us, safety doesn’t just end with manufacturing a product. It continues throughout the ownership experience by giving our customers the comprehensive support and peace of mind they need.”

Heil Trailer, G&D Award Photo

Heil Trailer, G&D Award Photo

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Safety Matters Program

As part of the EnTrans International family, Heil Trailer facilities participate in the company’s Safety Matters program. Heil Trailer and all EnTrans facilities compete with each other for the best safety performance. Locations that meet established safety requirements are eligible for bonuses as well as quarterly and annual recognition and rewards. The program has successfully elevated safety from just something the safety department does to something that’s integral to the culture and owned by every individual.

The Safety Matters program was initiated over five years ago and has driven remarkable progress during that time. Recordable injuries throughout all EnTrans facilities have dropped by over 50%. Additionally, the Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) fell from 6 to 2.1—a significant achievement, considering the industry average TRIR is 7.32. These considerable improvements have been realized through a combination of training, processes, technology, engagement, incentives and more.

Leading the industry with custom-engineered solutions for more than 100 years, Heil Trailer has maintained safety as a core business value. From working toward the goal of an injury-free workplace to manufacturing safe products, the Heil Trailer team is united in this ongoing journey. The company will remain rooted in safety from the manufacturing floor to the road and beyond.


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