Leaders of National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC), a major trade association for the nation’s trucking industry, expressed their support for truck drivers during last month’s “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.’’

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2018John Whittington, senior vice president of Grammer Industries and NTTC chairman, said:

“The industry professionals that transport the gasoline that fuels our cars, the chlorine that purifies our water, the fertilizer that improves our crops, the paints that improve our homes, and even the syrup that sweetens our soft drinks are essential to American life as we know it. We greatly appreciate all that they do for our country on the road, day in and day out.’’

Echoing Whittington’s comments was Daniel R. Furth, president of NTTC.

“In this time of capacity constraints across transportation, communicating our respect for professional drivers is more important than ever,” said Daniel R. Furth, President of NTTC. “Driver Appreciation Week (gave) us that opportunity, but it should also remind us that these hard-working professionals deserve our praise on each and every load.”

Professional drivers are the face of the tank truck industry, said Angela Kane-Haas, chief executive of Kane Transport and NTTC’s first vice chairwoman.

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“We’re proud of our drivers who really serve as ambassadors for our companies and stand as examples of the highest safety performance. Our drivers’ commitment to safety is paramount to the success of our carriers, our customers, and the many people with whom we share the road each day.”

Further information about NTTC may be obtained by contacting Zach Moore, manager of communications and member services, at zmoore@tanktruck.org or 703-838-8857.

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