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Garnet Instruments Ltd., proudly announces its 25th anniversary.  Garnet has grown from a small beginning to being recognized as one of North Americas leaders in liquid level measurement solutions.

George Fraser, President & CEO of Garnet Instruments Ltd

George Fraser, President & CEO of Garnet Instruments Ltd

“The support of our employees, customers and partners over the years has been instrumental to our success,” stated George Fraser, President & CEO of Garnet Instruments Ltd. “Our success and longevity is due to our ability to work with customers and ensure we are developing products that work well for their needs.”

Garnet’s innovation and steady growth is due to its popular SeeLeveL™ products, known to both the oil and RV industries.  Currently on thousands of stationary and tanker trucks and over 100,000 RVs worldwide, Garnet has always recognized the importance of being able to consistently provide its customers with rugged, accurate and reliable gauges that help them monitor their liquid levels.  From conception, engineering design, to manufacturing and distributing its own products, Garnet now takes pride in its world-wide sales with offices located in both Sherwood Park, and in Granbury Texas.  Garnet additionally has a wide array of dealers and distributors throughout North America that have contributed to its ongoing success.

Garnet Instruments Employees

Garnet Instruments Employees

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Garnet’s products and web site are regularly updated to provide customers with leading edge solutions that incorporate innovative consulting, engineering and integration expertise for the liquid level management markets.

For more information on Garnet’s products or services, please contact Garnet Instruments at 1-800-617-7384 or visit their website at

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