Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks have announced expanded remote programming capabilities for all of their truck customers in North America with 2017 greenhouse gas emissions regulation-compliant engines that are equipped with factory-installed connectivity hardware.

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Volvo Trucks Remote Programming

Updates Available

According to press releases issued by the sister equipment manufacturers, these engines are now eligible for software and parameter updates with Volvo Remote Programming or Mack GuardDog Connect. Users can perform updates anywhere in the U.S. and Canada where a cellular connection is available, and at the discretion of the vehicle’s decision maker, according to the press release.

“Working directly with Volvo fleets and owners of all sizes and applications to implement remote programming has proven to us that the connectivity service makes a difference to our customers and their operations,” said Ashraf Makki, Volvo Trucks North America product marketing manager.

“We’ve received strong acceptance of the technology and update process from professional drivers and fleet managers alike, who have embraced remote programming as a faster, more efficient way to help ensure trucks are updated with the latest software to support peak performance and maximum up time.”

Owners of eligible Volvo trucks can register their trucks for remote programming through a simple registration portal.

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“We’re encouraged by the results and customer feedback from our initial introduction of remote programming, so we invested in the resources needed to help ensure the entire population of Volvo trucks with GHG 2017 engines could reap the up time and efficiency benefits,” Makki said.

“Updates are performed during a driver’s lunch break or when the truck is back at a depot, providing significant benefits as opposed to taking far more time for a planned stop at a service center or taking a computer out to the truck.”

Remote Programming in less than 20 mins

Remote programming of software takes less than 20 minutes, providing significant time savings when compared with taking trucks out of service to perform needed updates, according to the companies.

Mack GuardDog Connect, Mack GuardDog Connect update

Mack GuardDog Connect

To date, remote programming has already added thousands of days of service time while increasing truck performance. In addition to software updates, remote programming can deliver multiple parameter packages to allow owners to change between operating modes for optimal fuel efficiency and preferred operating configurations.

“Customers who utilize Mack Over The Air have noticed a significant improvement to their (service time) because they can have software updates performed and vehicle parameters set while the driver is parked at lunch or at the home location,” said David Pardue, Mack vice president of connected vehicles and uptime services. “The end result is the customer saves time and money.”

As part of the enhancement, parameter kits were expanded to include fuel performance. They include three options: performance, balance and economy. The system enables customers to set the parameter for the desired outcome with one simple selection,’’ according to the press release.

The expanded parameter kits are covered under the two-year initial offer (two parameter changes per year). Packages are available to extend beyond this time, according to the press release.

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