What does it mean to have “feet on the street” as a truck driver? Dave Palmer, OEM Channel Manager at PT Coupling, explains the features and benefits of the safest pumping system in the United States: PT Coupling’s SPS100414 Vane Pump System.

Feet on the Street

PT Coupling’s SPS100414 Vane Pump System

Never blow a hose again! PT Coupling’s Vane Pump System (SPS100414) brings a new level of safety for the environment and truck drivers. PT’s 3” Vane Pump System is a high-performance truck mount four-way valve system for refined liquid products in the combustible and flammable categories. Products such as: diesel, gasoline, alcohol, avgas, bio-diesel, fuel additives, and synthetic oils. The Vane Pump System delivers where high performance is required, up to 240 gallons per minute (GPM) truck mounted, curb side.

VANE PUMP SYSTEM FOR REFINED PRODUCTS – Protecting the Environment. Improving Driver Safety.
PT Coupling’s Vane Pump System SPS100414FEATURES AND BENEFITS – Truck Mounted Feature Set

• Never blow a hose again
• Neutral Position – no flow, no pressure
• 25” height X 25” width, 72Ibs without pump
• Relief valve protection in both directions of flow
• Standardized, simple operating procedure –
“Driver Friendly”
• Tactile feel of pumping process – never slug a line
• Designed for Blackmer TXD3E or equivalent
• Single relief valve pump, single direction PTO –
less expensive
• One speed, one rotation, on/off only-pumps last
longer, less maintenance
• Crossover options for dual side transloading
• 0 to 240 GPM with fully reversible flow while
pump runs in one direction
• No painting, no welding and no cutting
• Assembles with a wrench

PT Coupling Co logoAbout PT Coupling

Our success stems from an uncompromising commitment to our three core values: quality, service and integrity. PT Coupling makes every effort to maintain customer satisfaction with a quality product, on time and at the lowest possible cost. As an ISO 9001 certified company, our demanding quality control standards help ensure our products are of exceptional quality. PT Coupling is dedicated to provide unparalleled customer service by taking the time to listen to each of our customer’s needs and then applying our vast wealth of experience to not only meet, but exceed their expectations. PT Coupling adheres to the highest ethical principles and professional standards in all of its dealings.


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