National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC)

The board of directors of National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) has approved $47,500 in strategic donations over the next five years to six organizations, association officials said. Those organizations are Trucking Moves America Forward, the Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Litigation Center, the Virginia Trucking Association, the Oregon Trucking Association, and the ATD’s Federal Excise Tax Repeal Coalition.

Committed Funds

NTTC committed funds to three nationwide efforts over multiple years: the Alliance for TollFree Interstates, which fights to protect existing interstates from new tolls; Trucking Moves America Forward, which promotes the trucking industry’s safety and community service works; and the American Trucking Associations Litigation Center, which pools trucking industry resources to advance the industry through the court system and intervenes in cases where the trucking industry’s interests are threatened.

NTTC will also make a one-time contribution to Modernize the Truck Fleet, the National Auto Dealer Association’s federal excise tax repeal coalition.

NTTC President Daniel R. Furth

NTTC President Daniel R. Furth

“NTTC’s strategic funding initiatives underscore the importance of unity within the varied segments of trucking,” said Dan Furth, NTTC president. “We’re extremely pleased to extend our commitments on the industry’s image and anti-tolling campaigns. We’re also excited to show our support to the overall trucking federation by helping ATA’s litigation center and our state friends.”

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Stay Informed

NTTC will also support the Virginia Trucking Association’s effort fighting against tolls on Interstate 81 — especially truck-only tolls – and the Oregon Trucking Association’s fight against state environmental laws that would undermine the U.S. EPA’s role as a nationwide environmental regulator for those who operate in interstate commerce, including truck drivers.


John Whittington, NTTC Chairman and VP Grammer Industries

John Whittington, NTTC Chairman and VP Grammer Industries

“As chair of a nationwide association and the former chair of a state trucking association, I know that what happens in one state can have consequences for everyone who travels through the state,” said John Whittington, NTTC chairman and vice president Grammer Industries. “When state issues have nationwide effects, it’s critical that the national associations step up. I’m honored that NTTC did so during my tenure.”

About NTTC

NTTC has represented the tank truck industry before Congress and various federal agencies since its founding in 1945. NTTC’s mission is to champion safety and success in the tank truck community through advocacy and education. NTTC’s membership represents more than 600 companies that specialize in bulk transportation services by cargo tank.

The tank truck industry generates about 6 percent of truck freight revenue, which  represents 30 percent of all truck freight in terms of tonnage due to the heavy nature of liquid bulk products.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Zachery Moore, manager of communications and member services, at or 703.838.8857.

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