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Efficiency, durability and performance—three advantages that every transporter of food-grade products needs to haul smarter. The new Sanitary 3-A Trailer from Polar Tank delivers in every area, positively impacting the customer’s bottom line.

Polar Sanitary 3-A Trailer

The Polar Tank Sanitary 3-A Trailer is 410 pounds lighter than competitive same-spec cradle trailers, making it the lightest in the sanitary industry. Less weight means customers can haul more per trip, bringing more revenue per load.

“As trucks have gotten heavier, Polar has consistently provided a distinct weight advantage and second-to-none durability,” said John “JJ” Harned, III, Vice President, Indian River Transport. “That’s why we’ve run Polar for years.”

Polar Sanitary 3-A Trailer - Indian River Transport

Polar Sanitary 3-A Trailer – Indian River Transport

Polar Tank designed the Sanitary 3-A Trailer to be durable as well as lighter-weight. An advanced, two-piece barrel design with a rigid, state-of-the-art welded barrel and subframe deliver superior strength. Adding even more robustness, Polar Tank uses the widest sheet metal in the industry, which requires only one circumferential seam for the length of the barrel.

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Exclusive Hendrickson Suspension Brackets

Customers operating the new Sanitary 3-A Trailer also benefit from exclusive Hendrickson-manufactured stainless steel suspension brackets that eliminate paint and rust and reduce maintenance due to their light weight, strength and corrosion-resistance.  Also lowering maintenance, as well as cost of ownership, the trailer doesn’t require barrel/strap tightening.

Safety and driveability are enhanced with the Sanitary 3-A Trailer’s low profile and center of gravity that’s lower than the frame/cradle. At nearly 4.5 inches lower than the competition, the trailer reduces the possibility of rollover, improves handling, increases aerodynamics and lowers the outlet valve for easier hook-up.

The Sanitary 3-A Trailer from Polar Tank delivers distinct advantages in every area that counts, helping customers haul smarter than ever before.


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