Heil TrailerMore than 100 years ago, Heil Trailer began its story as a manufacturer of solutions-driven products that deliver proven performance. Today, that story continues with the same quality products and a focus on building them safely at leading-edge facilities throughout the world.

Heil Trailer North American Champion Award

Heil Trailer North American Champion Award

Heil Trailer’s largest manufacturing location, Juarez Trailer Operations, was recognized for its high level of safety in 2018 with the TTMA (Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association) Plant Safety Award.

The site opened in 2014, spans over 350,000 square feet and uses the latest fabrication and manufacturing equipment, making it one of the most advanced facilities in the tank trailer industry.

Heil Trailer – Focus in Safety

Safety is such a focus at Heil Trailer that the company sponsors its own safety award for fleet carrier members of the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC). This annual award recognizes the safest bulk carriers in the industry and underscores the importance of safety to suppliers and carriers within the tank truck industry.

Entrans International, LLCHeil Trailer’s parent company, EnTrans International, was also recognized in 2018 as America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today. EnTrans, which is comprised of Heil Trailer, Kalyn Siebert, Polar Tank Trailer, Polar Service Centers, Jarco and SERVA, operates 11 manufacturing facilities and 28 service centers in 6 countries around the globe.

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Safety Matters Program

The company’s Safety Matters program unites all its facilities with the company’s goal of zero preventable injuries. The program incorporates gamification, using a system of risks, rewards, training and goals to engage employees with working safely.

These safety achievements and programs reflect the care and quality built into every Heil Trailer product. Keeping safety at the center, the company continues to manufacture trailers that deliver the safety and performance to move customers one step ahead.

Contact Heil Trailer at 1-800-400-6913 or HeilTrailer.com to learn more.


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