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MAC Trailer, the nation’s leading specialty trailer manufacture in the U.S. and Canada. MAC Trailer continues its successful path and launched its latest in an impressive lineup of pneumatic tank trailers at the start 2020. Despite an uncertain year, the OEM manufacture did not hesitate to continue its history of growth and improvement.

Based in Alliance, Ohio, MAC Trailer was founded in 1994, by Mike Conny when he rented a single bay garage and began repairing wrecked trailers. That one-man operation has transformed into a company that employs about 1,200 employees and has grown to be the nation’s foremost manufacturer of dry bulk pneumatic tanks in both food grade and raw materials, as well as an entire line of dumps, flatbeds, liquid tanks, transfer trailers, and straight truck bodies.

1.35 million square feet of facilities

MAC Trailer Manufacturing Facilities

MAC Trailer now encompasses more than 1.35 million square feet of facilities on campuses totally over 500 acres that services both national and international markets. Undeterred by economic conditions, the company has continued to add products and production facilities around the country. It has added manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma and Texas, as well as a recent acquisition of Burch Trailers, a stainless-steel trailer manufacture in Michigan to better serve customers’ needs. MAC Trailer also boasts an expansive authorized dealer network with more than 100 locations across North America offering efficient and knowledgeable access to sales, service and parts availability.

The variety of pneumatic tank offerings from MAC Trailer range from low cubic capacity (1,000 to 1,350 feet ) to high cubic capacity (1,480 to 2,600 feet). The tanks can be arranged in trains, pups or single trailer operations and come in single, tandem, or up to eight axle combinations.

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MAC Trailer MAC1000 Two Hopper

MAC Trailer 1000 Cube™ Two Hopper Pneumatic Tank Trailer

Reputation for Innovation

MAC Trailer is a company with a reputation for innovation. Its engineering staff most recently unveiled its new two-hopper pneumatic tank trailer, The MAC 1000 Cube™, that has been in the works since early 2019. It was designed for transporting dry powder, cement, sand, fly ash, plastic pellets, feed, and similar products. This super light trailer can weight as little at 7,800 pounds and haul up to 1,000 cubic feet of payload across the country.

“My philosophy is to listen and learn from our customers and pursue continuous improvement through strong leadership and dedicated employees, while providing added value in our products,” said Mike Conny, the company’s owner and president

In developing new products, MAC relies on its state of the art 35,000-square-foot Research and Development facility in Alliance. At this center, every trailer is put through a series of rigorous tests that simulate the stresses the trailer could be under in their most extreme environments.

“We are the only tank trailer manufacturer to operate an off-site testing facility,” said Kenny Butler, director of dry-bulk and pneumatic tank trucks.

MAC Trailer continues its successful path

Looking into the future, MAC Trailer plans to expand its national footprint with additional manufacturing sites as well as sales and service centers.  It also intends to expand its research and development initiatives.

“The success of our company can be attributed to a quality product built by quality people; complemented by an experienced and knowledgeable sales staff and professional Authorized Dealer Network. All of this is supported by full-service repair facilities, the benefit of a new and used trailer division, and a complete aftermarket parts department. The key is everyone in all divisions share a common commitment to providing manufacturing excellence and the highest level of customer service.”, Conny said.

MAC Trailer is a company with broad resources and diverse ambitions undeterred by a recession, pandemic, or an unsure climate. In the middle of this storm, the company manages to retain resolute focus on the future. Today that is a difficult task, if not a luxury, for most American companies.

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